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We are pleased to announce the first Language Teacher Psychology Conference organized by Çağ University in collaboration with COPPELT based on the theme “Teachers matter”. The focus of applied linguistic research for quite a long time has been on language learners and the learning process. The language teachers therefore represented the neglected sides in second language acquisition research. Yet in this era of rapid change and turmoil, teachers take on more responsibilities than ever before. Time has arrived to turn our attention to language teachers. The conference aims to be a venue to bring together researchers and teachers around the world to discuss applications of theoretical concepts and research in progress about psychology of language teachers. We welcome 250-word proposals from educators and researchers working in all contexts on a wide range of topics relating to language teacher psychology including:

  • teacher motivation
  • teacher emotions
  • teacher self
  • teacher identity
  • teacher beliefs
  • teacher agency
  • teacher resilience
  • teacher wellbeing

Language Teacher Psychology Conference is an in-person event. Participants attending will be able to present individual papers, or make poster presentations. Submissions will be evaluated anonymously by the conference Scientific Committee for their contribution to the field in terms of quality of content, relevance, and clarity of expression.

Keynote Speakers

Sarah Mercer

Sarah Mercer is a Professor for Foreign Language Teaching and the Head of the ELT Research and Methodology Department at the University of Graz. She is interested in all aspects of language learning psychology (teacher and learner perspectives), in particular self-related constructs, motivation, strategies, agency, affect, attributions, and belief systems. In her research, she prefers to employ qualitatively-oriented approaches and Grounded Theory forms of analysis.

Tammy Gregersen

Tammy Gregersen has taught English as a foreign or second language while simultaneously educating teachers in the same in undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Northern Iowa (USA) and the Universidad de Atacama (Chile) since 1990. Her specific teaching interests embrace language teaching methodology, authentic classroom assessment and integrating culture; her research interests explore the emotional and psychological variables associated with second language acquisition (including positive psychology), nonverbal communication in target language interactions, and individual differences in language learning.

Donald Freeman

Donald Freeman is professor of education at the School of Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His work focuses on designing and studying equitable access to professional learning opportunities for teachers in a variety of circumstances. He led the Learning4Teaching Project, a decade-long, multi-country research study of ELT public-sector teachers’ experiences with professional development, and served as senior consultant on ELTeach, an on-line professional development program (National Geographic Learning). He has written widely on teacher learning and teacher education, including most recently Educating Second Language Teachers (Oxford University Press; 2016) and Rethinking Teacher Professional Development (Routledge, forthcoming 2023).

Conference Program

LTPC2022 Conference Program

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: 31 July, 2022
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 August, 2022
  • Conference registration deadline: 5 September, 2022
  • Pre-Conference Event: 5 October, 2022
  • Conference: 6 – 7 October, 2022

Conference Fee

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Conference Fee

  • Participation in all sessions
  • Conference Dinner
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Local Participants

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In the event of a force majeure situation, Conference Organization reserves the right to alter or cancel the conference without prior notice, including any change of the time and/or venue of the conference. Any occurrence of force majeure event shall be communicated as soon as reasonably possible from the decision time. Force majeure includes any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Conference Organization, which prevents or impedes the realisation of the conference. This includes but is not limited to, government action, war or hostilities, riot or civil commotion, plague or other epidemic such as SARS, bird flu, COVID-19, earthquake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, fire or other natural physical disaster, explosion, accident or breakdown, strike, lack of the usual means of transportation or terrorism. Conference Organization shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, losses, expenditures or any other inconveniences or costs caused by such modification or cancellation of the conference. Unless provided otherwise by the applicable mandatory laws, the registration fees will be reimbursed in accordance with the Language Teachers Psychology Conference cancelation policy.

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